Blue screen with sad face Windows 10 Asus Toshiba HP Dell Lenovo Acer Surface

How to Fix Blue Screen With Sad Face on Windows 10 computer

Blue screen is one of the most frightening things that can happen on a Windows 10 laptop or desktop PC. When a Blue screen of death (BSOD) occurs, it will usually show an unhappy sad smiley face with some error messages usually with a STOP code. This post will explain […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
Windows 10 startup repair command prompt by CHKDSK
Windows 10 Recovery

How to Startup Repair Windows 10 using Command Prompt

When you encounter problems that you can’t solve, or when your computer can’t even boot into Windows 10 to perform any fix, here’s a guide on how to startup repair Windows 10 using Command Prompt from Windows 10 Safe mode or via Windows Recovery. If in any situation that you […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
how to system restore windows 10
Windows 10 Recovery

How to System Restore Windows 10 to a Previous Date or to Factory

When you encounter problems that you can’t solve, or that you just don’t want to waste any time solving, especially after a problematic major Windows 10 update, you can do a system restore in Windows 10 to a previous date, or to factory default if you prefer it that way. […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
How to Roll Back Windows 10 update in safe mode
Windows 10 Recovery

How to Roll Back Windows 10 October 2018 Update 1809

It’s always been a pain when problems suddenly arises after a major Windows 10 Update, when there is absolutely no way to fix the issues due to the update’s instability. All that’s left to do, after wasting a miserable amount of time, is to roll back Windows 10 update to […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
Reset Windows 10 to Factory keep files
Windows 10 Recovery

How to Reset Windows 10 to Factory Settings on Laptop / Desktop PC

If your computer is currently at a very problematic state that you don’t feel like investing time in fixing it anymore, or if you just want to return your Windows 10 back to its default factory state, here’s an easy way on how to reset Windows 10 to factory settings […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago

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