Long loading screen WoW fix

How to Fix Long Loading Screen in Games like WoW, Fortnite or PUBG

Are you experiencing long loading time or sometimes even stuck at the loading screen in popular games such as World of Warcraft, Fortnite or PUBG? Here’s some workarounds and tips that you may want to know to fix the long loading screen in such games. This guide is assuming the […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
Send to Mail Recipient Not Working in Windows 10 Outlook 2016

Send to Mail Recipient Not Working in Windows 10 Outlook 2016 (Fix)

You have a file you want to share. So, you right-click the file and select the send to mail recipient option from the Windows 10 context menu. But, it’s not working and instead showing the “Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
HP LaserJet 1320 Driver For Windows 10 64 bit Free Download

HP LaserJet 1320 Driver For Windows 10 64 bit Free Download

We have recently purchased a HP LaserJet 1320 series printer for our office printing needs. If you have the same series printer, here’s how to correctly download HP LaserJet 1320 Driver For Windows 10 64 bit. By default, once you connected your printer to your Windows 10 PC through wired […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
This site can't be reached Google Chrome

This site can’t be reached Google Chrome (How to Fix)

When Google Chrome fails to load a webpage, it will show the error message – This site can’t be reached, with only a reload button. This guide explains why the error occurs and what you can do to troubleshoot and fix the this site can’t be reached on Google Chrome […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
TeamViewer Trial Version Expired Fix Windows 10

How to Fix TeamViewer Trial Version Expired (Reset) on Windows 10

If you believe that you have installed TeamViewer and chose the free version that is for personal and non-commercial use only, and yet you still get the “TeamViewer your trial period has expired” error message, here’s why the error appears and how to reset or fix TeamViewer trial version expired […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
Windows 10 Screen Resolution Stuck at 1024x768 only Problem

Windows 10 Screen Resolution Stuck at 1024×768 only (Problem)

You were trying to change your Windows 10 screen resolution only to find that the 1024×768 is the only option you can select in the display settings. Here’s how to fix Windows 10 screen resolution stuck at 1024×768 only problem. This can happen in a few situations. It can occur […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
Blue screen with sad face Windows 10 Asus Toshiba HP Dell Lenovo Acer Surface

How to Fix Blue Screen With Sad Face on Windows 10 computer

Blue screen is one of the most frightening things that can happen on a Windows 10 laptop or desktop PC. When a Blue screen of death (BSOD) occurs, it will usually show an unhappy sad smiley face with some error messages usually with a STOP code. This post will explain […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
Headphones not working windows 10 after update

Headphones Jack Not Working on Windows 10 Laptop or Desktop PC (Fix)

Headphones or Headsets issues are common in Windows 10 especially for laptop users. You are sure that you’ve correctly plugged your headphones jack into your computer (front or back panel), but there is no sound from the speaker or Mic on the headphone. Here’s how to fix headphones jack not […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
Audio not working on Windows 10

Sound and Audio Not Working on Windows 10 After Update (Solved)

It was all fine to play a music, watch a video or play a game on your computer. Until suddenly Windows asks to restart your PC to apply the update it has downloaded, the sound and audio stops working right after the Windows 10 update. Here’s what you can do […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Manager Download Windows 10

Realtek HD Audio Driver Manager Download For Windows 10 64-bit

Are you experiencing audio or sound issue in your Windows 10 PC, particularly after a recent Windows 10 update, and you check on the Device Manger, only to find that there is this driver called Realtek High Definition Audio driver for Windows 10 seems to be the culprit? Or is […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago

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