Windows Modules Installer Worker Windows 10

Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU Disk Usage Windows 10

When you check on the processes in the Task Manager, you see a specific process called Windows Modules Installer Worker running at very high CPU usage or high disk usage in Windows 10. If that is what you are concerning […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
How to Reinstall DirectX 12 in Windows 10
Windows 10

How to Uninstall or Reinstall DirectX 12 in Windows 10

If you are currently facing a problem that you think DirectX 12 is not working and need to be reinstalled, here are some explanations about DirectX 12 and about how to uninstall or reinstall DirectX 12 in Windows 10. How […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
System Thread Exception Not Handled Windows 10 BSOD Fix

System Thread Exception Not Handled Windows 10 BSOD (Fix)

When you boot your PC, as soon as it gets past the BIOS splash screen, you see a blue screen of death (BSOD) showing a Windows STOP code – SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED in Windows 10. The STOP code […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
Windows 10 configuring Update 1803 Stuck at 0%

Windows 10 Update 1803 Stuck at 0%, Slow and Failed Issues (Fix)

If you’re experiencing Windows 10 Update 1803 stuck at 0%, slow or failed to update issues, here’s what you can do to fix the problem and to complete the update. The symptom of the problem is when you try to […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
Download Minecraft Windows 10 PC edition for free

Download Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Free for PC with Minecraft Java

Minecraft is known to be one of the most anticipated computer games in history of gaming which has already been around for multiple decades. Now with the advancement of OS, Minecraft too has improved and have a version for the […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
Facebook Attachment Unavailable Error Messenger

Facebook Attachment Unavailable Error on Messenger (How To Fix)

Frequently when we receive a message on Facebook messenger embedded with a link to a video, photo or an article, it may show up as Facebook Attachment Unavailable – This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
Facebook Connection Error Try Again iPhone Android

Facebook Connection Error Try Again on iPhone or Android devices (Fix)

When you open Facebook on your browser, it shows Facebook Connection Error Try Again message on your iPhone, iPad or Android devices. This could also happen in the mobile Facebook App with a different error message – Facebook Network Error […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
Unfortunately Facebook Has Stopped Working Error Android 2018 Fix

Facebook Has Stopped Working Error on Android 2018 Fix

When you launch Facebook app, it keeps showing Unfortunately Facebook has stopped working error on your Android device. Here’s what actually happen and how to possibly fix the Facebook keeps stopping error. Facebook Has Stopped Working Error Android Update: There […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago

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