How to Add iDM Integration Module Extension for Microsoft Edge

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If you are a frequent downloader on the internet, you will surely need a download manager to manage your download and to possibly increase the download speed. We recommend iDM, short for iDownload Manager, for all your downloads on the web. This guide shows how to add iDM Integration Module Extension for Microsoft Edge in Windows 10.

iDM was originally a standalone download manager software that works outside of browsers. Now, iDM has made itself available as an extension in browsers such as Edge. Instead of using two software separately, you can add the iDM Integration Module Extension to Microsoft Edge and use it directly from Edge.

How to add iDM Extension for Edge browser

When Edge first launched, installing iDM Extension for Edge used to be a tedious process. It was known as iDM Integration Module Extension for Edge back in the day. Since iDM Extension for Edge is now also available on the Microsoft Store, you can easily install it to your Edge without going through any hassle. Here’s how.

  1. In Windows 10, go to start menu or Cortana.
  2. Search for and open Microsoft Store.
  3. Make sure you are signed into your Microsoft account in the Windows Store app.
  4. In Microsoft Store, search for iDM Edge Extension.iDM Edge Extension Download
  5. Click on the Get button to download and install iDM Extension for Edge.
  6. Once completed, restart Edge and you can start using iDM on Edge now.

How to Add iDM Integration Module Extension for Microsoft Edge

Optionally, if you want to try the standalone iDownload Manager outside of Microsoft Edge, download the iDownload Manager (iDM) app from Windows Store. It also works well on both Chrome and Firefox.

What does iDM Extension for Edge do?

iDM Extension for Edge can integrate perfectly with Microsoft Edge. It is a light-weighted and simple extension that runs only when you download anything. iDM also claims that it can download up to 10x faster than the speed you get from normal web browsers.

Here are some key features of iDM Extension for Edge.

  • You can download YouTube videos on the spot with this extension.
  • Pausing and resuming is possible for most downloads.
  • Whenever necessary, you can limit the network usage.
  • You can schedule your downloads with queues and more.
  • Allows multi-threaded downloads, meaning that it can download files with multiple connections to the server.
  • It will automatically monitor your clipboard for URLs that you may want to download.

iDM Integration Module Extension for Edge YouTube videos download

When iDM is downloading any file, it can run silently in the background without interrupting you while you continue to surf the web on Edge.

To enable or disable iDM extension for Edge, simply click on the iDM icon in Edge and uncheck the option for “Enable iDM extension“. When the Show “Download with iDM” option in context menu option is enabled, you can right-click on any possible download link and select download with iDM to allow iDM to handle the download.

iDM Extension for Edge Download

If you have been using only the default download manager in Microsoft Edge or other web browser, you will notice a huge download speed difference when you use a download manager like iDM. Give it a try and you won’t regret it.

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