Google Web Cache Shows Error 404 Not Found (How to Fix)

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Google Web Cache is useful when, for example, a webpage which you try to visit from a Google search result is down. You can then try to view the Google cached version of the page. However, the Google web cache of certain webpages can sometimes return Error 404 Not Found when requested. Here’s a quick solution to get around the Google web cache shows error 404 not found problem.

Google Web Cache Shows Error 404 Not Found

How to Fix Google Cache Shows 404 Not Found Error

It’s important to mention that not every page is cached by Google. Those that do not get cached would still return 404 error no matter what fix you try to apply. You can try this fix but it’s not guaranteed to work.

If a page is properly cached by Google and yet Google cache returns 404 when you request the Google cached version of the page, here’s what you can do.

When you are on the Google cache error 404 page, click on the URL on your browser’s address bar and look for the URL of the webpage you are trying to visit. Remove the slash at the end of the URL (often known as the trailing slash) and hit enter to refresh the page. It should now be able to show the Google cached version of the web page.

How to fix google cache returns 404 not found error

This method is provided Google has actually cached the webpage and that the page is available on If it’s your website that you are concerned, as far as I know for webmasters like us, there is no way we can control how Google cache our pages.

Also, we have no idea why removing the trailing slash of the page’s URL from the cached URL fixes the 404 issue. However, for a temporary solution,¬†it works perfectly if you would just like to quickly view the Google cached version of a particular page which returns error 404 not found when requested.

Google web cache returns 404

It’s worth mentioning that most pages that do not get cached by Google do not have the drop down menu which allows you to click the “Cache” link from the Google search result. If that’s the case, there is no way you can view the Google cached version of that particular webpage since it doesn’t even exist.

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