Facebook Account Temporarily Unavailable 2018 (How to Fix)

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When you try to log into your Facebook account and you see the following error message – “Your Facebook account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes.” Or in another case, you see “Facebook Account Temporarily Unavailable – Sorry, your account is temporarily unavailable. Please log in to www.facebook.com from your computer and follow the instructions given.” Here’s how to get around the issue.

If you’re seeing a different error message such as “Facebook Account Temporarily Unavailable – Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.” Or particularly this error – “Your account is temporarily unavailable. Regain access by logging into your account from a web browser” on your iPhone, Android, blackberry or other smartphone, they meant the same thing.

Facebook Account Temporarily Unavailable 2018

Fix: Facebook Account Temporarily Unavailable

Due to Site Issue or Maintenance

If you seeing the first error that reads Facebook Account Temporarily unavailable due to site issue or similar, most of the time, it implies that Facebook service is temporary unavailable due to server site issue or short maintenance.

In most cases, a short wait should fix the problem. You can verify if it’s Facebook server-side issue by asking your friend they too are seeing the same error. If they are seeing the same error from another place and another computer, it most likely means that Facebook itself is facing some internal issue now. We just have to wait for them to fix their issues and go online again.

If you are the only one seeing the Facebook account temporarily unavailable error, try the fixes below.

Try to open in a different browser

If you continue to see the error on certain browser, switch to another browser and see if it works.

It could be the browser’s plugins, extensions or old caches that causes the Facebook page to return the Facebook account temporarily unavailable error. If you’re using IE, try to switch to Firefox or Chrome.

If all browsers return the same error, go to the next solution.

Clear your browser’s cache

If you have an outdated old caches of Facebook page on your browser, Facebook may return the Facebook Account Temporarily Unavailable error upon visiting. Clearing the browser’s cached data and files may help fix the issue.

The method to clear browser’s cache varies from browser to browser, be it Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. Normally the clear cache button should be in the Setting menu. Go to Setting menu on your browser, look for options or similar, then look for Clear Data or Clear Cached Files and Data.

For example, in Firefox, you can clear your cache by going to Setting > Options > Privacy & Security > Clear Data > Cached Web Content > Clear.

Clear browser cache Facebook Account Temporarily Unavailable fix

After clearing the browser’s caches, close the browser and open it again. Go to facebook.com and see if the Facebook account temporarily unavailable issue is resolved.

Facebook account temporarily unavailable login from computer

If you’re seeing Facebook account temporarily unavailable error with an instruction to ask you to login from a computer, it most likely due to your Facebook account has been inactive for too long. It could also indicate that your Facebook account got compromised or suspicious login was detected by Facebook.

Facebook Account Temporarily Unavailable login from computer

The error usually appears on mobile phones such as iPhone or Android phones on Facebook app or from a mobile browser.

To fix the error, you should just follow the instruction and login for once on a working computer. Go to a desktop or laptop computer and open any browser. Open Facebook.com and login to your account. You should then be able to login to your account again.

If even on a computer Facebook shows the same error upon logging in your FB account, try the solutions outlined above to clear browser cache or try to use a different browser and see if the browser would still show Facebook account temporarily unavailable upon login.

Use the Facebook Help Center

If you continue to receive Facebook account temporarily unavailable error upon signing into your account even after trying all the solutions above, try to use the Facebook Help Center to troubleshoot your Facebook login problem.

Facebook Account Temporarily Unavailable due to a site issue

Go to Facebook Help center on this page. Troubleshoot your login problem accordingly and see if anything helps solving the Facebook account temporarily unavailable error you are getting. At the end of troubleshooting, there is a chance that you may have a way to contact Facebook about your problem. When you’re given the chance to contact them, try to make your question as clear and detailed as possible and not something like “can’t login please help”. It wouldn’t help FB to find out what’s wrong with your account.

Alternatively, you can try to click on the Forgot password link on Facebook login homepage to initiate your account recovery.

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